We have some very sneaky members!!!! Last night at our Christmas Party after a mini speech from Jacquie this video that was shown on the big screen to everyone, causing mass hysteria! It was a complete surprise and we’ve got to say brilliantly put together!

This really is what Surrey Fitness Centres is and what I have strived to achieved from day one, that whatever your fitness level, background, age or ability you are made to feel welcome, have a great laugh (I’m really funny) in a classes that have a great atmosphere and you will forge amazing friendships with other members – as perfectly highlighted in this video and at events like last nights Christmas Party. We truly have the loveliest bunch of people who are part of the SFC community – many have been with us for 6+ years, incredibly loyal, supportive of SFC that I really appreciate, thanks guys!

I urge as many people as possible to watch this to the end! Some cracking scenes, for me Kelly Mc on the sofa the best one and scarily accurate! 🙂

Lots of love to Lotte ‘Steven Spielberg’ Bennett who I gather put it all together on the sly with her cast of Kelly W, Kelly Mc, Tara , Jacqui, Laurence, Chris, litte Matt, Chiara, Rich, Annabel, Sabrina, Justin, Ruth, Linds, Judy, Adrianne, Rach Tamsin, the Haslemere crew and Jonny!