Surrey Fitness Centres Farnham member Amanda Fassett (left) was presented with our ‘Member of the Year’ award at our members Christmas Party last night!

Joining Surrey Fitness Centres just over 12 months ago Amanda has totally transformed her fitness. She has lost close to four stone and completely changed her body shape. She has come week after week to our Farnham centre, class after class, does weekly PT Blitz sessions and since day one has really embraced Surrey Fitness Centres with the results simply incredible. 

But it’s not just her fitness results that has impressed us but the complete lifestyle change she has undertaken. Amanda is hugely popular with all members who all agreed that she was the perfect choice for this years award.

With over 400 members throughout Surrey we would like to acknowledge some very loyal SFC members, many of whom have been members for 5+ years, some who have also achieved amazing fitness results in 2016 and some who we just want to say ‘thanks’ for being supportive of  Surrey Fitness Centres who come in the wind, rain, sunshine, mud and the freezing cold winter evenings. Sooooo shout out to Godalming members Kelly Mc, Kelly W, Tara, Tamsin, Caroline & Jacquie, Farnham members Fiona, Kerry, Marina our Haslemere members Rosie, Fiona, Becca & Dave and our Woking members Bronwyn, Liz, Kate and Gabby.

Our second award is given to a member who has completed an amazing feat in 2016, be it a challenge, a race, event or just a personal challenge. This year there really was only one winner – Surrey Fitness Centres Godalming member Lindsey Duberry who swam the channel from Dover to Calais

Lindsay was presented with a limited edition print kindly donated to us by world famous artist (and Surrey Fitness Centres member) Stavros Kotsireas! Huge thank-you to Stavros for this incredible prize! 

Head over to our Facebook page where you can give Amanda and Lindsey a ‘Well done’ on winning their awards.