This week we successfully launched our brand new ‘BuggyFit’ Boot Camp classes in Godalming!
Led by our Instructor Kirsty this new class is now on our timetable every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am! 🙂
We had 16 mums attend our launch classes and experiencing SFC for the first time!
Here’s all the lowdown on our new classes with Kirsty that are open to anyone with babies or toddlers:
Calling all mums! Come join our brand new fitness class in Godalming and reinvigorate all areas of fitness – muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.
Your muscles will get a wake up call and you will have more fun in the fresh air with fun, like-minded mums than you ever have in a sweaty, crowded gym.
By incorporating a variety of fitness methods, from tabata to resistance training to plyometrics, you will lose that stubborn baby weight, tone your muscles, develop better posture, regain energy and confidence and safely and effectively restore your core all while keeping your child happy and entertained.
All fitness levels are welcome – from sprinters to walkers. No one will ever leave class feeling under-challenged or overwhelmed.
Our BuggyFit classes are held at Holloway Hill Recreation Ground and led by our Instructor Kirsty Atkinson.
We offer everyone a FREE two-week trial with us. Come and try as many classes as you wish! Email us now to you free membership.