We the great Godalming migration over the next six weeks as you all jet off on your various holidays (not jealous…much) we have made a few adjustments to our timetable for the next six weeks. 


Mondays – 7:30pm at Snoxhall Playing Field, Cranleigh 

Tuesdays – 7:30pm  at Holloway Hill Rec, Godalming 

Tuesdays – 7:30pm  at Haslemere Rec

Wednesdays – 7:45pm  at Holloway Hill Rec, Godalming 

Thursdays – 7:30pm  at Devils PunchBowl, Hindhead

Fridays – 9am  at Holloway Hill Rec, Godalming 

Saturdays – 8am at Haslemere Rec

Saturdays – 9am at Holloway Hill Rec, Godalming 


– There will be additional, ad-hoc Monday evening and Tuesday morning classes put on through the summer period (plus a Bank holiday Monday class). History tells us that the next week two week and last week of August a lot of people are away! We will advise those members who tend to come to those but keep an eye on our ‘Live Timetable’ for daily listing of what classes are on and where, also we put reminders on our Facebook page!.

– ‘Warrior’ at Priors Field School will be back int he first week of September. For those that want their Boxing class fix do pop along to our Thursday class at Weydon School in Farnham (with me!) – the more the merrier!

– Our full timetable resumes the first week of September. 

We hope to be able to share some exciting news with you all soon that will see SFC in Godalming grow to a completely new level. I will be putting together some feedback questionnaires in the next couple of weeks as we plan of offering A LOT of weekly classes so want to see what you all want so get your wish lists ready!

On top of all the above classes we have five more classes in Farnham that many of you pop along to each week which is great:


Mondays at 7:30pm ‘Boot Camp’ / ’Warrior’ (BoxFit)

Tuesdays at 7:30pm ‘Old Skool Circuits’ 

Wednesdays 7pm ‘Boot Camp’

Thursdays at 7:45pm ‘Warrior’ (Boxfit)

Saturdays at 9am Boot Camp


Both myself and Andrew have very limited availability for anyone looking to book some one to one Personal Training sessions. Every week we train loads of members at a day, time and location to suit. Get in touch if you are keen on dong some sessions this summer We also have weekly group Personal Training sessions at Holloway Hill Rec, Friday evenings at St Marthas and Sundays at Hankley Common. We also have six weekly PT Blitz sessions in Farnham –  If you are keen to really ramp up your fitness this summer and would like to book a place on some sessions drop me an email back! Sessions are for only 3-4 people and cost just £15.

Think that is everything for now! As always, please refer to our ‘Live Timetable’ for daily listing of what classes are on and where, also we put reminders on our Facebook page!