After another super busy Godalming Saturday Boot Camp class we presented long standing (suffering?) member Sabrina with a well overdue ‘Member of the Month’ award.

We can’t believe Sabrina hasn’t won this award as yet and had to double check but somehow she has slipped through the net….until today! Sabrina has been a member of Surrey Fitness Camps for years and one the most loyal and dedicated members that we have at Surrey Fitness Camps!

She’s a real superstar of Surrey Fitness Camps. Never gives anything less than 100% at every class, so determined and the hardest worker we have who goes until she drops! Consistently Sabrina makes it to 3-4 classes a week almost every week and as a result is incredibly fit!

Most importantly though Sabrina is also a lovely person who is incredibly popular and likeable, forging great friendships with loads of members. She’s also got a great sense of humour, puts up with Mark’s wonderful humour giving it back just as good!

Congrats Sabrina!!! 🇮🇪