Today we presented Godalming member Carole with our latest monthly award. Carole has absolutely smashed it in 2017 – coming 2-3 classes a week consistently and has reap the awards. Her fitness has literally gone through the roof with every member noticing and commenting on the huge jump in her fitness levels that has come from the extra classes every week plus Carole’s determination to get everything out of each class by giving it 100%.

We often comment how each winner of these award are really popular with fellow member but that has never been more the case with Carole and the round of applause she got from her fellow Godalming Boot Camp members on being presented with the award. Carole is a terrific member (four years and counting!), a big personality who embraces the relaxed, fun atmosphere at classes….regularly giving it back to Mark just as large!

Being a QPR fan and fellow West Londoner like the Bossman obviously paid a big part in getting the award!

Well done Carole! U’Rsss!