This morning we presented Godalming member James Pringle with our latest ‘Member of the Month’ award!

With James moving to London and this his last class (though is has promised to come back lots for a beasting) it’s only fitting that we give him this award today. 

James has built up a bit of a reputation through the years….you will see a trend with in the photos! He comes to every session and literally goes hell for leather, drops, gets up, goes hell for leather again, drops again! Best of all, there’s more times then not when James rocks up having had a skin full the night before (like this morning!) which makes it even more impressive!

Then there’s the injuries, trips, falls and running into a wall at full speed! As we said, he has a reputation!

On a serious note, James is incredibly popular with everyone at Surrey Fitness Centres. A really top guy who we will miss a lot but hope he keeps to his word and comes back to see us lots when he’s back in the Godalming ‘hood. 

Well done James!