After another super busy, gruelling and muddy Saturday class in Godalming we presented Becky with our latest ‘Member of the Month’ award!

Becky was one of our founder members waaaaaaay back some 9 years ago! She went AWOL for 4-5 years rejoining us in January and boy has she had a great 9 months being back at SFC!

The transformation has been simply incredible. Becky’s fitness has improved ten-fold and she’s completely unrecognisable compared to where she was back in January. 

She look fantastics – her body shape has completely changed and she looks fabulous. 

Becky makes it to 3-4 classes virtually every week without fail plus does two small group Personal Training sessions with Mark every week. This consistency every week is a huge factor in the incredible results she has got along with her determination and effort she puts in.

We get loads of members commenting on how amazing Becky has done and how amazing she looks! 

Well done Becky, keep it going!