Tonight at our Woking boot Camp in Knaphill we presented Gabbie Johnson with our latest ‘Member of the Month’ award!

This was an easy choice and an obvious one for us at Surrey Fitness Centres and all members who know Gabbie!

Gabbie has been a member for just over six month, joining our Woking classes in Knaphill in the thick of the winter. It’s say to say that Gabbie wasn’t the fittest member we have had start with us and was someone completely new to the this exercise malarky. 

But she’s stuck at it, has come every week be it just once or twice, done what she can doing that little extra every week and is now reaping the rewards. Gabbie has gone form not being able to run for more than 30 seconds to totally transform her fitness and she has lost over two stone with us to date! An amazing transformation that is a testament to her hard work, determination and perseverance

She now supports and encourages new members who have started with us lately which is fantastic.

Gabbie is a real example to anyone thinking of starting our classes or new members just starting with us that our classes are for everyone, whatever your fitness level you will be made to feel welcome and part of the group and if you stick at it consistently you too will get the phenomenal results that Gabbie has in such a short time!

Head over to our Facebook page to give Gabbie a ‘Well done’ on winning the award!

Well done Gabbie!