Our Sunday evening ‘Hybrid’ class has returned to the timetable this evening…despite Hurricane Irma hitting Godalming!!

Today session was 6 x loops of Holloway Hill Rec (800 metres), the first 3 at 50%, 2 at 75% and the last lap at 100%. After each loop there was a circuit of shoulder presses, step ups and incline press ups!

Well done Hywel, Matt, Laurence, Justin, Kelly, Sabrina, Leonie, Rona, Sarah & Graham!

Our ‘Hybrid’ class is where an informal Run Club meets urban Boot Camp!
The classes are be varied, using other routes and delights that each local area has to offer.

Each class is a real mix of social group running interspersed with traditional Boot Camp bodyweight exercises.

This class is for ALL abilities (runners and non-runners), fully inclusive as are all our other Surrey Fitness Centres classes! The running is at a slow pace, not any super long distances with the class designed as a Sunday night chill out class (like there’s such a thing with Mark!)

BOOKING REQUIRED – this is the only class we ask members to book their place so we know who is coming and who to expect. if you can make it please either email us or let us know at a class each week prior to the Sunday.