Since restarting after the lockdown we have done over 50 small group Personal Training sessions in Godalming.
Anyone looking to really push their fitness to the next level? Or maybe you’re new to training with us and want to improve your fitness fast? The these sessions are perfect for you!

Our small group Personal Training sessions are the perfect way to take your fitness to the next level. In groups of five only these sessions offer an affordable form of Personal Training and are available for all members whatever your fitness level. 70% of our current members do small group Personal Training sessions on top of regular classes and really benefit from these specific sessions. 

We run four types of small group Personal Training sessions:

PT Blitz sessions – These sessions are strength and conditioning based to compliment our large group classes. You will be pushed to your limit and achieve amazing results. Expect a lot of barbell and dumbbell work, cleans, presses, dead lifts, kettlebells, box jumps, ball slams, sprint bands and more!

PT Box – Our dedicated Boxing sessions! These are another level all together compared to our weekly large group Boxing classes. Working in groups of 5 we can really nail it – you will learn perfect technique, a range of punches, combinations, movement and defence.

Speed Camps – Do you want to improve your running, speed and explosiveness? Then this new class is perfect for you! We will improve athletic performance by increasing your speed, agility, and quickness through cutting edge training principles & techniques. We will teach you the perfect running technique, work on a number of movement drills in various planes, explosive exercises such as plyometric movements and active dynamic conditioning.

Speed Academy – Our dedicated training for young aspiring athletes 10-16 years old. Speed Academy will be packed with training drills and techniques to improve locomotive type activities such as running, jumping, landing and change direction to improve athletic performance and reduce the chances of injury. Participants will improve mobility, balance, stability, muscular/cardiovascular endurance, and motor skill coordination. With a wealth of experience, we know how to get the best out of young athletes so that they can flourish on and off the pitch.

Our PT sessions are additional to your class membership and only cost £15, payable by purchasing six credits via our website: purchase 6 credits via our website.

Get in touch for more information and to book on some sessions! Booking in advance is strongly advised as sessions are always sold out well in advance. August dates will be released next weekend!