The first winner of the Surrey Fitness Camps ‘Member of the Month’ 2019 is Tara Phillips! 🏆

Tara had a sad time at the end of 2018 with the passing of her Dad but was determined to start afresh in January, refocus on making her own health and fitness a priority. 

She’s had an incredible January – 17 classes and one small group Personal Training session! She has been rewarded with a big change in her body shape, weight loss and huge improvement in her overall fitness which is why she is fully deserving of this recognition.

Tara is one of our long standing (suffering!) members, hugely popular with everyone and an absolute legend on a night out so I know everyone will be chuffed that she’s won this award.

There were other members who have had a fab January that we want to give a shout out to; Adrianne Brown for *almost* doing ‘dry January’, Ali Watts, Amanda Henderson, Susanne Hales and Clare Cowing for having a great month hitting lots of classes and a noticeable improvement in their fitness!

Well done Tara, keep in going!!!