We have a dedicated members private Facebook group, please join if you haven’t yet!

It’s absolutely buzzing with loads of content including loads of workouts and fitness challenges with members interacting with each other and uploading photos/videos of their daily workouts!

The most popular workouts uploaded including ‘Last Man Standing’ with Dani and Steve, ‘Up the mountain, down the mountain’ with Rich and ‘The Chunder’ with Kelly and Graham!

We have been taken aback by the amazing friendship, camaraderie and togetherness that you have all shown to each other which is typified by the Facebook group we’ve set up and our Instagram page!  

You have all embraced the daily workouts we’ve set, uploaded photos and videos of your workouts, doing your own runs, cycles and home workouts which is hugely heart warming to see, plus clearly motivating and encouraging other members! Please keep it going!